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BALTIC Podcast

Oct 18, 2021

Climate Frequencies is a new series of the BALTIC Podcast that listens to the climate emergency and its reverberations through the ears of artists, thinkers and activists.

In this episode, musician and artist Natalie Sharp heads deep into the bowels of the earth to listen to the rocks and minerals forged in the substrata.  She asks how they might influence our idea of time, how we think about our past, present and future, and if they even have the potential to heal us.

Sound artist and musician Kelly Jane Jones reflects on our connection to the natural world through the sound resonance of rocks. Author of Notes From Deep Time Helen Gordon discusses how geology allows us to step back into our planet’s history to draw lessons on how we might approach the changes in climate. Architects Miriam Hillawi Abraham and Nasra Abdullahi share their time-travelling short story from the perspective of the rock formations in the east African rift.

Presented by Natalie Sharp. Produced and sound designed by Femi Origun-Williams and exec produced by Alannah Chance for Reduced Listening